Easy To Use Mass Email Marketing


  • Create your email target group name.
  • Create your emails.
  • Set the dates and times you want them to go out.
  • Send a quick test to check your emails look perfect.
  • Filter exactly who you want to receive your emails.
  • Click activate and we do the rest for you.


Great Pricing Mass Email Marketing


  • Pay as you go from only £0.007 per email.
  • Subscitions from £13 per month for 78,000 emails.

World Class Support


We've created our software highly intuitive so that you don't need extensive training on how to set it up or use it but should you need support, then we are here to setup your entire system perfectly for your business or you also can simply hire our support staff from only £29 per hour to assist when needed.


All Email Marketing Campaigns Covered

  • Instant send email campaigns.
  • Scheduled send email camapaigns.
  • Newsletter drip email campaigns.
  • Multiple Auto responder emails.


All Email Tracking & Automation Covered


  • Complete email campaign send statistics.
  • Links clicked activity registered.
  • Links follow activity tasks automated.
  • Results based auto grouping extraction campaigns.

Mass Email Marketing With True Excellence